Phone Features

Everything your team needs to make better sales calls.

Setup new business phone service or seamlessly connect with your existing phone service.

Sales Software

Quick Setup
Start making calls with just a computer, a headset, and an internet connection in under 5 minutes.
One-click dialing allows you to spend less time dialing and more time selling.
Voicemail Drop
Save time and energy by leaving a perfect pre-recorded voicemail with one click. You can drop your choice of voicemail without waiting for greeting message or “beep”.
PowerList Dialer
Power dial through sales leads after loading a list from your CRM - drop voicemails when needed.
Lead Caller
Convert 900% more leads by instantly connecting your sales team to a new customer lead from your website.
Automatic Lifetime Call Recordings
Automatically record inbound and outbound calls. You can easily play back, download, and share sales calls to train new reps or takes notes on past calls.
Automatic Local Presence Dialing
Your reps will be 5x more likely to connect with customers if they are calling them from a local number, and with Kixie, they can do just that. For example, just buy a 415 number, and your phone number will automatically show up as a 415 area code to your customer.
Real Time Call Coaching (monitor/whisper/barge)
Monitor and coach your reps while they are on a call to help them through difficult calls or evaluate their performance discretely.
Call Dispositions
Enrich your call data, and thus your call statistics, by logging the outcome of your calls. Customize your own list of dispositions (demo scheduled, left voicemail, bad number, etc.), log them with one click, and analyze the important calls.
Searchable Call History
Search your call history for specific call dispositions to single out and listen to the most important calls that your reps make.
Call Reporting and Analytics Dashboard
Stay on top of your teams’ call activity with intuitive and comparative reporting on stats like connections, incoming and outgoing call totals, average call time per agent, dispositions and more!
Sales Leaderboard
Gamify your sales experience with real-time leaderboards.

CRM Integration Features

Automated Call Activity Logging
Automatically log your incoming and outgoing calls right inside your CRM. Eliminate manual data entry and get a full picture of your customer interactions, so your team can close more deals.
Call Recordings inside your CRM
Access all your sales calls right inside your CRM with one-click. It’s like email for your phone calls!
Bi-Directional CRM Integration
With Kixie PowerCall, you can schedule future activities and log notes to your CRM, and pull customer information from your CRM, all in one place.
Call Dispositions synced in your CRM
Log call outcomes into your CRM with one click. Improve your sales funnel by doubling down on campaigns with the best outcomes.
Integrations API
Have every call pushed to an endpoint of your choice. Includes recording, duration and CRM data.
Enhanced Customer Profiles
Get CRM enhanced data about your callers on inbound and outbound calls including deal size, email, and address information.
Call Analytics inside your CRM
Kixie’s automatic call logging automatically enhances your CRM’s native analytics with detailed call statistics.
New CRM Lead Creation
Kixie can automatically create new leads inside of your CRM whenever you make or receive a call from a number that doesn’t yet exist in your CRM. Never miss another lead!

Phone and Software Features

International Numbers and Calling
Instantly get local or toll-free numbers in 40 countries. Call from anywhere, to anywhere... anytime.
Customizable Call Routing
Ring all your sales agents at one time or pick and choose how you want your incoming calls routed.
Virtual Receptionist
Sound professional to your customers and route calls to certain groups of agents, depending on the customer’s choice (1 for sales, 2 for support, or dial your party's’ extension)
Transfer and Hold
Seamlessly transfer calls to other agents or groups (e.g. customer service) or place a customer on hold.
Presence Management
Instantly view which agents are on a call.
Greetings and Hold Music
Quickly create voice greetings for your customers. Our our handy text-to-speech tool or upload your own professional voice greeting.
Customize your own voicemail greeting and get your voicemails sent to your email account for easy access.
Extensions create flexible structure to incorporate employees at local and satellite offices, wherever they are. Edit, add, or remove extensions anytime.
Desk Phones and Mobile Phones
Configure a desk phone, computer app or mobile app to work with Kixie.
Find Me/Follow Me
Never miss an important call just because you left your desk or went to lunch. With find me/follow me, you can receive calls on your cell phone that will sync with your CRM. Kixie enables you to always stay connected with your customers.